WAF Sorta Comes and Goes, Get Blank Page

Is anyone else having this issue? When I’m trying to tune my firewall settings, half the time it never loads correctly, the rules at the first top part of the screen don’t load, then sometimes the stats don’t load, etc.

I will attach an example of what it looks like. This happens to a lot over the last several months. I’m using the chrome browser, latest version.

Are you still hitting this @christophermwilson? If so, can you try incognito mode?

Yeah, still getting it. I tried switching to incognito as well as tried using Firefox. I thought maybe a cache or temp file issue, so I cleared everything, but still the same. It does not happen every time, but I would say 90% of the time it does.

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Are you running any extensions in Chrome? I am using latest chrome as well and cannot replicate it on your dash nor on mine.

If you continue to see this lmk as I’d like my colleagues in Support to take a look. I can kick off that conversation by opening a ticket on your behalf @christophermwilson if you continue to have issues.

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Yeah, I have a couple. Let me try disabling them and giving it a shot for awhile. Thanks for the idea.

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You nailed it. In my case it was a the Trust Wallet plugin. I disabled it and things are working as expected. Thanks for heads up about that.


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