WAF Settings in PLESK

I have successfully installed and activated CLOUDFLARE within my PLESK environment. The on-line documentation does NOT anywhere near reflect or help me select which “WAF - OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set” or which “WAF - CloudFlare” should be changed from the default OFF to ON.

Where can I find some serious detailed documentation on each of these “packages” (example: Cloudflare Miscellaneous - Cloudflare Miscellaneous contains rules to deal with known malicious traffic or patch flaws in specific web applications)?

I don’t want to turn ON some features that will cause me to good, but possible harm.

Of concerns currently is randomly, we are getting scripts that are run again various forms on our PHP/MySQL eCommerce website that cause our MySQL database to go into a deadlock, and I have to re-start the MySQL server to remove that state.

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