WAF Rules not working Properly / OR Rule


I have a very simple question:
If i create a WAF Rule to allow specific Countries and also add another OR assignment with another country it does not work. But if i add this Country to the first list it works. WHY?

Thanks for your help!

Let’s try something similar using colors.

(not color in {"red", "green"} ) or (not color in {"blue"})

You have indicated that matching one list or the other should meet the same fate. Red and green match not blue. Blue matches not red or not green. You cannot pass this test.

Why not add the additional country to the existing list?


Initialy i tried to add a OR “Public IP Adress” but that didnt work as well so i tried it with addings the Country for testing purpose. We dont need to allow the whole Country Netherlands but we need to allow 2 Public IP Adresses. For me it seems like the OR does not work properly…

Have you tried AND?

For me it seams that there is not human logic in all this WAF rules in general. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Cloudflare team must provide eleborate examples how to solve the common issues.

For me it is not so. For me it is color in general matches not blue or separately (OR) matches not red or not green. So if both or even one condition is true, than the rule will be completed positively.

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