WAF Rules for Country blocking - Actually working?

Hi All!

We run about 40 websites give or take through Cloudflare. They are all on the free plan. I set up a Firewall rule to block some countries and can see that it’s showing the different countries accessing the site by the following screenshots.

Everywhere I’m reading online talks about WAF and needing a paid plan in order to make block requests.

My question is, seeing the previous screenshots, is Cloudflare just showing us that the list of countries accessing the site, or is that number showing how many times it blocked those countries?

We are on the free plan and were able to set up rules. I basically want to know if those rules are actually working considering we are only on the free plan or if it is indeed blocking the countries listed in our Firewall rule.

Hope that is enough information, thank you!

That, precisely.

Thanks for the reply @sandro ! Much appreciated. Just out of curiosity, how is that working if all the docs online say you need to have a paid plan in order to implement blocking? That’s the part I’m confused on.

Welcome to the Internet :slight_smile:

People make up all sorts of stuff.

Thank you very much, appreciate the fast help. Have a great day!

Check out the is in operator too. Same functionality, but slightly more concise.

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