WAF rate limiting for everything under certain path


I’m trying to setup a rate limiting rule for the api service of my website. The routes under api are something like:
I’m trying to add a rate limiting rule for everything under /api so that a request to /api/user and /api/accounts and /api/whatever would be subject to rate limiting.

I tried using “URI path is in /api” but that doesn’t seem to work. What should be the wildcard to catching everything under /api?


Using “uri path includes” /api instead of “is in” works in this case but I would rather have something like “uri path is /api/*” but i don’t know if that’s a valid wildcard

The operator is in expects a list of full path names:
URI Path is in {'/api/path1' '/api/path2' etc}

Includes may have unintended matches:

I believe in your case you can use the operator starts with:
URI Path starts with '/api'


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