WAF page rules not working?

Hello, I am wondering if my Security/WAF page rules have stopped working? At very least, they have stopped displaying data for my site.

I see no issued challenges for either of my two page rules, even though there were 100s of blocked attempts daily before. I see the managed challenge when I go to my WordPress login page, but that doesn’t show up as a successful attempt on Cloudflare.

I attached a screenshot of the 24 hours attempts:

Please let me know what the issue may be here.

Do you see Firewall Rules or Custom Rules on the top of that page? If you see Firewall Rules, can you hard-refresh the page (Ctrl-F5 on Windows) and see if that fixes the issue? Cloudflare is rolling out the new WAF Custom Rules, but in the process some zones may occasionally still display data for the old Firewall Rules instead.

I see the custom rules page, and it looks like it is refreshing now (coincidentally, right after I posted this). Thanks for the answer clarifying this switch to custom rules.

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Hello @mldigitalholdingsllc

I’ve responded to the ticket #2796261, can you try to use API to check the existing custom rules, you can also use API to remove that rule.



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