WAF not working as expected + NO Visible Events Data

Hi crew, we can’t get WAF to work for our client. We’re sending traffic via the Cloudflare proxy, but nothing seems to be activated.

In fact, there doesn’t seem to be any traffic going through the CF Proxy…

Any ideas? We have the exact settings for another client and it’s working perfectly. I don’t understand what could be wrong with this client…

What is the domain name?

Oh yeah, that would help (sorry).

It looks like you are using WPEngine from the headers…

They use Cloudflare so likely the traffic is going via their Cloudflare account and not yours.

O2O (Cloudflare-to-Cloudflare) seems possible for them now on all plans, not sure if that shows in the traffic reports though…

Good point. Yes the site is on WPEngine. Interesting that we have another two sites on WPEngine with almost the exact same Cloudflare configuration. There only difference is that with the other two sites, we flatten the root domain to CNAME WP engine URL. But with https://www.testartfamilylawyers.com.au/, we have it set up as A records to the WPEngine IPs. Maybe that’s the difference - we have to flatten the root to the WPEngine URL via CNAME in order for our CF account to work.

I’ll give it a try. Thanks so much for your quick response. It’s appreciated! :pray:t2:

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Yes, O2O requires the use of a CNAME.

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Awesome. I’m onto it now. Thanks again!