WAF - Move all my DNS to CloudFlare?

Hi, i want to put a WAF in front of my main website. Someone recommended me Cloudflare.

Now i have to change my name nameservers for what Cloudflare provided me.

My main website is www.exemple.com and it is host locally on our server.
I also have multiple subdomain like www.school1.exemple.com that are NOT hosted on our server.

All of our DNS entry are with DynDNS. If I change my nameservers on DynDNS, do i have to switch all my others entry from DynDNS to Cloudflare ?

What will happen to subdomain requests?

Will Cloudflare use DynDNS as a secondary server?

That gets tricky if you’re using DynDNS because you have a Dynamic IP address. If so, you can find some solutions if you Google for “dyndns Cloudflare”.

Other than that, you’ll need to move all your DNS records over to Cloudflare. When you first add your domain, Cloudflare will try to scan a ton of potential hostnames to see if any of them exist on your current DNS and then copy them over. After that, it will show you what it did copy over and you’ll need to add anything that’s missing.

And then switch your name servers to only the two listed from Cloudflare.

You could delegate your subdomain(s) over to another DNS. I know this comes up from time to time. It’s not the most desirable arrangement, but if you need it, post back and someone can probably point you in the right direction.

Subdomain requests will hopefully refer to subdomains you’ve added to your Cloudflare DNS.

No, you can’t add a secondary server to Cloudflare.

Thanks. I don’t think we will use Cloudflare is this case.

Cloudflare did scan the domain when i add it, but he didn’t see any subdomain.

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