WAF Managed Ruleset updates

Hi guys,

I’m excited to hear about this new feature:

Customers can now monitor WAF Managed Ruleset updates online and via RSS

Mon, September 30, 2019

Cloudflare’s WAF team regularly updates our Managed Rulesets to introduce new protections, update rules to decrease false positives, or to deprecate older rules which have been superseded by other, more effective rules or solutions. To help customers stay up to speed with the changes we are providing a public changelog with an RSS feed, which will provide key details regarding:

  • New changes to Cloudflare’s Managed Rulesets
  • Timelines for the testing and deployment phases of the new changes
  • The intention of the rules being introduced or updated
  • The deployment state of the rules (Block or Simulate)

What’s New at Cloudflare

However I couldn’t figure out how to access the changelog (online or via RSS).

Do you have any tips on this?

Looks like:

But I can’t find reference to the rss feed.

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Thanks, @Judge!

I hope someone can tell us. :slight_smile:

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