WAF/Managed Rules

For tciurbanhealth.org, I am trying to save a page with some code in it, but Cloudflare blocks it when I try to save or publish the page. ( Cloudflare Ray ID: 84ba4976585b8c87)

The error is related to managed rules for: XSS, HTML Injection - Script Tag. I tried to skip it under WAF/Managed Rules (MSC Story Collection) but must be doing something wrong.

I am searching for an answer, but not finding anything.

Please share your search results url:

Is that your website?

If so, you’ll need to add a WAF rule to skip the managed rule(s) that are blocking that request. You can look up the ray ID in the security event log to get the exact rule that triggers the block.

You may want to skip it for your IP address or other identifier only so as not to weaken protections for your site from user requests.

If this is not your site, you will need to contact the site owner (with the ray ID) to ask if they can help you.

Yes this is my site. I added a WAF rule using the IP address to skip the rule for: XSS, HTML Injection - Script Tag.

But it’s not working.

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