WAF Firewall rules in WAF is doesn't work.

I subscribed the $20/month plan(Pro). Unfortunately, it unable to function properly.

I have tried countless times to request the website that I set, access can still be successful.
Especially I has been set up the [block rules].

Screenshot below:

And even the access behavior is not recorded in overview interface.

Screenshot below:

I try to solve the problem by myself in support of Cloudflare or community.
However, this proved to be all in vain. I mean that doesn’t produce the result I want.

Now,my question is:
1)What exactly is the cause of Block(firewall rules) failure?
2)What am I going to do to get it to work?

Without knowing the domain, it’s possible to give any recommendations.

Have you made sure the DNS records are proxied? :orange:


There is my interface of DNS.

I already setting for Cloudflare.

DNS only means Cloudflare isn’t doing anything - your users connect directly to your origin. No firewall rules, cache or any speed optimizations will be applying.

If you want Cloudflare to be active, set the records to Proxied :orange:

When I try to set it open the proxied. It tips error.
How to save successfully?

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