WAF Firewall rule not applying

Hi all - I have a free account setup and working for a domain. I have A records configured, the domain is proxied and is passing through Cloudflare.
When I apply a firewall rule (via WAF) for the domain it appears to not be working, I get nothing in the logs and no traffic is blocked . I’ve tested access using online proxies and a paid VPN, testing from locations such as Australia, Brazil, China and more.

Below is the rule being used, help would be appreciated.

Could be related to this issue

If you are still having problems after that incident is resolved then let us know.

Thanks for that it’s been a problem for about 3-4 weeks now - it’s never worked, I’ve just had time to revisit this now and thought I’d ask here.
I’ve tried removing the rules, changing the criteria but nothing appears to work.

Is that your only firewall rule or do you have others in the list? Also can you share the domain?

It’s the only rule, the domain is providewellbeing.co.uk.

Do you use WP Engine for hosting? I’m wondering if the issue here is that the hosting provider uses Cloudflare for SaaS. You can’t currently layer setups on top so it may be that their Cloudflare configuration is stopping yours from working as expected.

That’s a good question, I’ll take this up externally and keep you informed.
Thanks for the pointer.

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