WAF doesn't work if domain is accessed via CNAME

I have a domain, let’s say example.com, that has some WAF configurations

I have another domain, let’s say some.dummy-site.com, that resolves to example.com via CNAME.

Both domains are mine and registered in my Cloudflare dashboard.

CNAME resolving does work, however when I open some.dummy-site.com, the WAF that was set for example.com zone doesn’t work, which is absolutely confusing and not an expected behavior. Like, no single rule does function.

The thing is, my example.com domain is configured as a pro domain and I use it as a hub, since pro has a better security, so I can’t just manually set up the same WAF rules for some.dummy-site.com without purchasing another pro tariff, which sounds like a weird option here.

May I ask if you’ve already tried out with a SaaS feature at example.com (Pro plan)? :thinking:

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