WAF Custom Rules for ASN blocks

Hi, We are constantly getting scraped and DDOS attacked from servers in the AWS system, specifically the ASN 16509. I have tried creating a WAF Custom Rule that blocks this ASN, but it does not seem to work. I have tried Block, Managed Challenge and JS Challenge but nothing seems to work.
What am I doing wrong?

This rule should properly block requests from that AS. Why do you think requests still go to your origin?

Are these requests only from that AS? Amazon uses a few others as well.

We are still getting numerous hits from IP addresses that geo-locate to that ASN. Also the rule page shows zero hits to the rule:

What’s the domain?

Does that matter? I prefer not to say.

Well, how do you imagine someone should debug anything?

If you do not provide further information, you will either have whitеlisted something or the DNS records are not proxied or the guy connects directly.

You can submit the domain at sitemeer.com and post here the exact time you did so.

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