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Regarding setting up WAF rules, when selecting the matching parameters for incoming requests, I need to choose the user agent. I have multiple user agents to add, but I’m unsure what symbol to use for separation. Suppose I want to select user agents that contain: “bot”, “crawl”, “crawler”, “krow”, “krowler”, “robot”, “spider”, “sogou”, “acunetix”, “HTTrack”, “WinHTTrack”, “winhttp”, “Lynx”, “libwww-FM”, “Links”, “portalmmm”, “Python-urllib”, and I want it to be case-insensitive. How should I proceed? Thank you. You can refer to the attached screenshot.

In Cloudflare’s custom rules, you can use the “OR” logical operator to specify multiple conditions for the user agent field. You will also want to use Contains as opposed to Equals if you are only specifying a portion of the user agent.

My understanding is that this will be case-sensitive

If I want to select the user agent that contains the following 4 characters (robot, crawl, crawler, krow), how should I write it? Can you help me write it directly for copying into the red box in the screenshot? Thank you.

emanova via Cloudflare Community <[email protected]> 于2024年4月20日周六 00:53写道:

You will want to put robot as the value and click or

This will create another line where you will again use user agent contains but this time for value you can put crawl and click or again. Keep doing this until you have a line for every value that you want.

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