WAF - Create firewall inquire

I would like to inquire about security - WAF - Create firewall rule.

I want to set up Managed Challenge for the rest of the country except for a specific country.

Select and apply all of them in the Continent - Equals column

If I select Bypass - WAF Managed Rules after specifying a specific country in the Country - Equals column, will only certain countries pass the Managed Challenge?

I assume the Country you want to allow is Japan? If so then just do the following -

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Thank u for your quick reply. I didn’t know there was this way! Thx a lot!

I have additional questions.
If you set the above, Google bot and Facebook bot error 503. Do I need to add a separate conditional expression?

Yes this is expected as only traffic Japan will be allowed.

Not sure you are easily going to be able to allow Google or Facebook’s bots - you would need to add an AND exempt their IP’s but that could be huge.

Their bots could come from any region in the world which makes it very hard to setup a rule for.

The ‘Known Bots’ selector will allow good bots like Google and Facebook fairly easily.

Just add another AND and then Known Bots equals false

Thank u for letting me know. But when debugging Facebook, I get the same 502 error. In addition, permission for domestic search engine bots is required.

Yup thats one option but not guaranteed to pick up the bots you wants as they are only the known to Cloudflare so could be hit or miss.

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