WAF components to skip through custom rule under API

hello everyone,

I need to create a WAF custom rule to skip all of these:


but so far can only see skip that one.

Currently I am using this:

rule_payload = {
         "action": "skip",
         "description": "rules_descriptions",
         "action_parameters": {
             "products": ["waf"]
         "enabled": True,
         "expression": "(ip.src in {x/26}) or (ip.src in {x/25}) or (ip.src in {x/25}) or (ip.src in {x/26})",
         "logging": {
             "enabled": True
api_url = f'https://api.cloudflare.com/client/v4/zones/{zone_id}/rulesets/{ruleset_id}/rules'

Anyone knows?

Thank you.

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