WAF but without cache/performances features


I want to add some of my domains within the Cloudflare proxy network primarily to access WAF features. But without caching and performance features (at least for a while).

I know I can create rules with cache and performance = bypass but I’m not really sure the WAF is being applied properly.

Can someone confirm the feasibility of this setup ?

Thanks in advance

This is the way!

First configure your WAF as you want, then bypass it with the pattern for the pattern you want to bypass.

If you want to ensure everything was right, feeel free to share a screenshot of your PageRule afterwards and we will look over it :slight_smile:

Star wars memes are the best memes. You made my day @M4rt1n :laughing:
So i’ll do it like that. I’m sending you all the best for this new year :hugs:

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