WAF - block Countries excluding Cloudflare AS Number

Maybe I’m bad at googling today. I can’t imagine that I’m the first person to ask, but I haven’t found a solution for hours and I can’t get any further with trial and error.

I want to achieve the following with the WAF:

  1. Block all traffic that does not come from Germany
  2. Exclude Cloudflare Services like the Speed Overview from rule 1.

Rule 1 is simple and easy to achieve: (ip.geoip.country ne "DE")

However, I just can’t get Cloudflare to be excluded from this rule using AS Number 132892.
I’ve tried every conceivable combination. The simplest and most logical for me would be: (ip.geoip.asnum ne 132892) or (ip.geoip.country ne "DE") but this rule excludes me in Germany.

Can someone give me a tip, or link a post to lead me on the right path?

Sure, because your request won’t come from 132892. You need an and instead of an or.

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