WAF and blocked ports?

Our customer recently added WAF from Cloudflare to a website we run for them. The primary website www.oursite.com runs .net and works just fine. We also have a ruby instance running on port 3000 on the same domain name. I inherited this mess and don’t know jack about the ruby instance. It was working just fine until the WAF was stood up. Now, if you try to access it, you get a timeout. I asked the client’s tech people if the WAF could be causing this and they said no, that it would come back with a 403 error and not a timeout. Can someone confirm this is true? We have confirmed Ruby is running.

So you are connecting to your Ruby instance like this: www.yoursite.com:3000 with Cloudflare proxy :orange: turned on, right?

You need to refer to this documentation:

Nothing related to WAF.

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