[WAF] A firewall rule is applied that does not exist

So, what is the new standard? Should I add WAF rules to the Firewall rules or to the Custom rules section? I have both for the topic domain, and only Custom rules or Firewall rules for other domains.

WAF section of some domains is showing some rules with old titles but seemingly with new directives.

What is going on??

Custom Rules are the future. They are way more flexible, based on the new ruleset engine, can skip more items (Allow is now “skip”, and lets you skip specific features). There’s a migration guide here: Firewall rules are becoming custom rules · Cloudflare Web Application Firewall (WAF) docs
It looks like due to your special circumstances/glitch they enabled both to display for that one zone. Normally though, they are slowly automatically migrating all Firewall Rules into Custom Rules, and hiding the Firewall Rules Tab. Eventually, your other zones/domains will be migrated as well.


There is a migration in process from what I can read in this thread.

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A thank you would be the norm.

And, I know cf support is located in a lot of locations around the world, but not in India. I am not certain why the assumption, :woman_shrugging:

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