W3 Total Cache Compatibly with APO

I just enable APO for my website.

I am on WPX, they recommend using W3 Total Cache for server/application-level caching with their configured settings.

W3 Total Cache also has a Cloudflare extension, so while any changes or W3 total cache Purge Cache, CF also purge the cache with header expired.

So my question is should I need a server or application level plugin with APO, if so then should I activate the Cloudflare extension inside the W3 Total cache? So that when I purge the single post cache manually it is clear from CF as well.

P.S.: I have installed the official CF plugin.

Appreciate all of the insights.

Personally had w3t pro and wp rocket on my site at different stages with apo. They both caused me issues due to layered caching.

I keep hearing you need server caching with apo, and I don’t see the point unless you are on the most budget shared hosting, no backend access sort of host.

I noticed 0 difference with or without those plugins, just my experience; take it with a pinch of salt.

Just use the official cloud flare plugin and click the optimise for best settings.

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