W3 Total Cache + Cache Everything

I switched from lightspeed to W3 Total Cache free version as it did not add much value.

For W3 Total Cache, the key is to understand how to optimize the settings correctly. Or you will receive TTFB issue occasionally.

It’s worthy to emphasize that WP cache plugin only optimizes from server side but not tackles network latency.

From this perspective, W3 Total Cache + Cache Everything makes sense.

Why in the world are you then “writing” options if you dont mean it?

CloudFlare does not define anything. May you did not understood how CloudFlare (or reverseProxys at all) works?
Dynamic means for CloudFlare that it is not CACHED by CloudFlare. Nothing more nothing less.

No problem! No more tips/advices for you. If you understood WordPress so good why then asking for advices??

By what do you deserve that? What makes you think this?
CloudFlare in first case for most is a free Service (or a service you can use for free) and most people use it without understanding it. Like WordPress :wink:

Again: you again and again say this. Is there any proof of someone say the exact opposit of what others said? Where are you referring here?

Again :

The Author of this thread stated:

So may you are just not able to read or to “get” the solution to your problem. Or to exactly say what is not working for you but tbh I will NOT reply anymore on this Thread. Thanks for writing nonsense and for again and again things you do not proof (like CloudFlare Support exactly states the opposit of what another CloudFlare Worker said)

Have a good day!

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Jack, is that you? :wink:

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Sshhhhhh :shushing_face:

Agreed. However, we have learned that with cache everything, there are pge rules you need to make sure
you are not caching your wp admin. Unfortunately, with the free accounts, CloudFlare does not
give you enough rules - only 3 page rules for free accounts - to do that properly, and prevent
possible security issues.

Additional rules can be purchased, respectively the Pro plan comes with 20.

Yes, I know, we have several sites with Pro - which adds up, cost wise.

But not everyone has Pro - most small sites don’t. We have about 100 small
sites we manage that are on the free plan.

My point simply was, there are reasonable options if one needs more page rules.

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