Vue.js SSR & Cloudflare Workers


We have a vue.js project, and would like SSR features in cloudflare workers. We have two solutions :

What do you think?

Thank you,
Kevin :slight_smile:

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It will be soon supported, see a working demo:


Any ETA on this or any documentation already available?

We hope this year, we are fine tuning it at the moment.


The sooner the better :crazy_face: it’s something that would be really great to see and have!

Quick question… is there a beta to try somewhere or nothing is available, at all, yet? I can publish Nuxt.js websites easily on Workers, but as soon as there is a dynamic route it obviously fails. I could write my own fallback, but it’s a manual solution for each route. :sweat_smile:


I’d also love to test and play around with deploying Nuxt SSR universal mode on Cloudflare workers, really looking forward to it!


I guess it is live: Or is it? Not entirely sure

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That’s a different product.

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Is there any update on this?


We are beta testing it internally at the moment, but you can see a demo on

I suggest to follow the twitter account for when we release Nuxt Sigma:


@seb2 Can you open the beta testing? I can build things there and give feedback
Any ETA? I need to build a app with nuxt and would love to consider Cloudflare Workers


is there any update about this topic?.

Here is a podcast where one of the devs talks about nitro

Sounds like cloudflare will be experimental at first

Woops, just found this thread a bit late. In case you are interested, I made Vitedge a few months ago, which basically does SSR in Cloudflare Workers. The development environment runs in Vite. There’s a starter template here.

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This is really neat!

It only does SSR on the props though and not the full Vue templates, right?


This looks pretty cool! :smiley: I am not sure I can use it (I have my full app in Nuxt already, I would love for them to release their edge rendering stuff), but it would be sooo cool to try it. Maybe I have a couple of ideas :slight_smile:

I would suggest showing in the Workers Discord :slight_smile:

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It actually works with requests from the components as well with Suspense. You can find a live example here – check the view-page-source.