VPS with DDoS protection


My VPS service has this type of DDoS protection

10Gbps Protection
Layer 1 through 7
RioRey Anti-DDoS

Could this be the reason why I’m not getting the website setup through Cloudflare?
Error 522: Connection timed out

Hi. Here’s an article about 522s


Something that stood out to me was:

The origin has a firewall (or rate-limiter) that is blocking our requests
This is the most common cause of intermittent 522 errors.

Most of the requests for the website through Cloudflare will appear to come from only a handful of our IP addresses. Because of that, this can often trigger firewalls and IP rate-limiters to block requests from us, thinking that the website is under attack.

Not sure of this is the case but your DDoS protection through your provider may be the culprit here.

It’s possible, but hard to tell from this information. You may want to try allowlisting our IPs with your other Anti-DDoS service.

Thanks for the suggestions. I suspected it had to do with the protected IP, but the problem was that I had whitelisted Cloudflare IP’s only for port 443, and no valid certificates were installed on this server.

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