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I have been considering migrating my VPS server to a new location to improve performance and security, but I am concerned about the potential downtime that could occur during the process. My websites are critical to my business, and any prolonged downtime could result in significant financial losses.

Could you please provide me with some information on the expected downtime during the VPS server migration process? Specifically, I would like to know:

  • Will my websites be offline during the migration process?
  • If so, how long is the expected downtime?
  • Will Cloudflare be able to cache my websites during the migration process to minimize downtime?

I would appreciate any information you can provide on this matter. Please let me know if there are any steps I can take to minimize downtime or if there are any precautions I should take before the migration process begins.

The process of changing origin in Cloudflare is simple - you just change where the proxied :orange: DNS record points. Cloudflare will start sending traffic to the new origin within a few seconds. The act of changing origin does not in itself cause any downtime.

What can cause downtime is if your new origin server is not properly configured and ready to accept requests from Cloudflare. Exactly what needs to be done depends on your setup, but you should always ensure that:

  • You have allowed Cloudflare’s IPs through the firewall
  • You have installed a valid SSL certificate on the new server
  • You have migrated configuration and content from the old server

Before making the change, I would strongly recommend pointing a subdomain (e.g. new-server.example.com) to the new origin server and checking that everything works as expected.

If you have enabled Always Online on your zone, Cloudflare can in some cases show a snapshot of your site if the origin is offline. Do note that dynamic pages and API requests will not work.

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