VPS IP with port 22122

Hello I am newbie here. I bought a vps its Main IP and Port: XX.XX.135.20:22122. How do I add a DNS record for ip with port? Thank you


Thank you for asking.

You can add the DNS record, however if that particular hostname is proxied and set to :orange:, unfortunately the 22122 port isn’t supported and compatible.

The supported and compatible ports with Cloudflare :orange: proxied mode can be found on the list from the link below:

If you’d have to use custom ports, as I don’t know for what kind of service are they, you could try with PortZilla from Cloudflare Apps:

Otherwise, there is a way to use Cloudflare Spectrum product:

Nevertheless, you can always set that hostname to unproxied :grey: (DNS-only) to make it work with custom port.

Furthermore, as it’s a VPS; you can try using the cloudflared Tunnel for that:

In case you’re trying to use Cloudflare for SSH for your VPS, either change the port to default and since there is a way with a higher paid plan like a Pro plan and then the Cloudflare Spectrum product which does support SSH and port 22 as follows on the link below:

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