VPS + DomainCompany + Cloudflare

Hi, can anyone please help.
I have a my site hosted on a vps, I have a domain from bigrock and I want to setup Cloudflare.
How do I do this.
Is it, add Cloudflare NS to bigrock and to vps both and add A name from vps to Cloudflare.
or is it add cloudlfare NS to bigrock only and add A name to Cloudflare. how this works. please share your knowledge.

Go to big rock and add the two name servers Cloudflare assigned to you in their WHOIS section.

At Cloudflare, add the IP address of your VPS to DNS as ‘A’ records for your domain and the www.

Hi, thanx for the reply. do I have to add a domain in my vps panel as well and change the NS there too or its not required

You can completely ignore DNS at your VPN. All you need from them is the IP address of your server so you can add it here.

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