VPN site 2 site from my firewall

Hi - would it be possible to make a site-2-site VPN connection from my Check Point firewall to Cloudflare and use that tunnel for all access to and from the internet including DNS requests that I would like to target against ?

I am not quite sure what you mean by site-2-site connection. Can you elaborate on what it is you want to achieve?

In my firewall create a VPN to Cloudflare and when people behind the firewall wants anything on the internet they will go through that tunnel
It could be for port 80 and 443 only but perhaps also all other ports so the network behind the firewall is not exposed at all to the internet but only to Cloudflare and there hidden behind Cloudflares NAT.

like when i on my private PC uses a VPN that forwards everything to the VPN server.

Routing all internet traffic through Cloudflare.

Cloudflare is not a VPN provider even though WARP is a VPN app for Android and iOS.

Just in case that this is your approach:
WARP is not meant to hide or fake your location to get around geo blocking etc.

That wont work. Cloudflare does not provide VPN services.

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