VPN Region similar to Tor Region: IP Firewall



Similar to why you have a Tor Region on the firewall. A VPN region is useful for business sites that sell products to limit their fraud risk. I know the importance of vpn services for private users but local and foreign entities are also using vpn services for less legitamite reasons.


Not sure if I got that. You’d like to see a specific IP range to be allowed to access a site?

There’s Cloudflare Access. Advantage is that you can specify a subdomain or sub-folder to be protected instead of applying rules to the entire zone with the firewall.


No. If you unsure of what I mean than you probably don’t need this feature. This is specifically for a firewall region that can identify vpn providers like tor nodes. The ranges are much broader and unlikely to be duplicated by specificing an ip range individually.


I believe the service we use includes VPN exit nodes in the grouping we label as Tor today.


nope. I am using a semi known vpn service from the android/apple store right now so I can test it at any time. They should not be grouped together anyway as it is better separated; both are used differently.