VPN over Cloudflare Access?

I want to access my Private Network at home from School. My school only allows VPN Connections over TCP Port 443. I already have a website running on 443 so that’s not an option for me.

So I’m trying to use Cloudflare Access to proxy my Wireguard VPN running on UDP Port 51820 to “vpn .mydomain. com” on TCP 443

Here I have the “vpn. mydomain. com” which points to the Server where Wireguard is running on.

Here I have the access Application setup for that vpn domain.

Where I didnt set many authentification/connection requirements I hope. So everything should get accepted for now, for testing so vpn connection doesnt get blocked or something?

Then I did

  1. cloudflared tunnel login
  2. cloudflared tunnel create VPNTUNNEL
  3. nano /root/.cloudflared/config.yml
    This is what I put in there. I allow Port 53 on my firewall. Im not sure if that config file is correct or if there should be some info regarding the wireguard server?

For the Wireguard Server I didn’t change anything. (Im using wg-easy in a docker container).

Then I let it run with
4) cloudflared tunnel run VPNTUNNEL

Which works and runs and then I try to connect to the VPN Server using Wireguard Client on Windows.

Where I replaced the public IP:51820 with “vpn. mydomain. com:443” and it cant connect. I can connect to it with the public IP:51820 but not over the vpn domain.

Is it even possible to achieve what im trying? what am I missing?
Thanks for the help

I don’t believe so. Cloudflare only proxies http/s over access unless you have access running on the client side as well. You can look at WARP which can do private networks like VPNs

I tried Cloudflare warp today at school and it couldnt connect. but I just used the windows client without any server configuration.

How could I setup the Cloudflare warped for my server so vpn connection could work over tcp 443?

WARP will go through Cloudflare to connect to your home network.
Check out this guide