VPN Blocking

I need to block all VPN users from my website every day. I purchased this database subscription (IP2Proxy IP-ProxyType-Country Database [PX2]) which returns in this format (https://www.ip2location.com/samples/px2-ip2proxy-ip-proxytype-country.txt) and hired someone to build a script to autoimport these into my Cloudflare account. Will this achieve my objective? Also, apparently there are a TON of IPs, so will this be an issue?

You can read about the limits that apply to an IP list (which can then be integrated into a Firewall Rule to block / challenge / rate limit etc) here:

It varies based on plan level. And note that there are managed lists that can be used on our Enterprise plan which include VPNs for you - so you wouldn’t need to manage your own list of these.

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