VPN and Cache Issues

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  1. I cant access my site without going through a VPN, Ive checked on my dashboard and cant see if CF is blocking my IP address, IPs from Russia. My wife cannot also see this, we are both in Russia, Moscow now. I also suspect that the wifi, and/or VPNs may also be blocked, which is possibly causing (2) below:
  2. Caching - my home page above is not currently displaying the header. I have set the header for the home page, and it is not showing. When I try to set another for the home page, it says that there is a header already assigned to that home page (but that header is not showing). I have purged the cache on CF, and WP Engine, and Browser many times, but the header still does not show.

My website is https://hoba.tech

Screen shots here:

Any tips to solve this greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

  1. Some Russian ISPs block some Cloudflare addresses. There’s nothing Cloudflare can do to stop this.
  2. If part of your site isn’t working, try putting Cloudflare into Development Mode. This is in the Cloudflare Dashboard’s Overview section for your domain. Or scroll down more and “Pause Cloudflare on Site” will completely bypass Cloudflare as you troubleshoot.

Thanks I’ll give that a crack, cheers!

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