VPN Access through Firewall

I currently have the CF firewall blocking all traffic with the exception of a few IP addresses for staging purposes. I have a user who would like to access my website, but they are using a VPN which shows them coming from a different IP address each time they connect. How would I go about allowing them access if their IP address keeps changing? Would I find out what their fully qualified domain name (hostname included) and allow them access?

It sounds like your firewall settings are working exactly how you want.

I can’t think of a secure way to use Firewall Rules to let that person through when they’re using a VPN.

It sounds like what you really want is Cloudflare Access, where you limit who can get to the site. I have mine set to Bypass for known IP addresses, and Allow (with email confirmation) for certain email addresses.


Okay thank you sdayman for the information. I will take a look into CF Access.

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