Vowifi not working for Reliance Jio

I am not able to use VoWifi whenever I configure cloudflare on my home network for Reliance Jio, seems like a known issue, can you fix please

Where do you see this/where is it known?

I responded in the above thread as well.

“Not working” isn’t much of a description. And, no, I can’t fix it. This is a community forum and I don’t work for Cloudflare. If you need official support, I suggest you contact Support and fully describe the situation.

Do u change dns in reliance JIO router? If yes, right now reliance jio do not support voip services when u change dns in router.

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I am using a Mikrotik failover router, as soon as I enable OpenDNS or Google DNS, it seems to work fine, the solution to this can be found on the forum where the Jio server needs to be defined from the backend at Cloudflare, not able to reach the support, hope someone can help

Can you clarify this or link to a source? There’s no reason Cloudflare should need to do anything special to facilitate usage with any given ISP; that doesn’t really make sense from a technical standpoint. Something else must be going on.

One example and the solution attached

@mvavrusa Pinging you since it seems like broken Wi-Fi calling nameservers are your specialty.

@anubhav6518, are you able to determine which queries are failing?

@anubhav6518 can you go to and post results? If you’re able to capture the domain names that are failing to resolve I can look into these.


I don’t think it’s a browser issue. It’s whatever they’re using to do VoIP. Maybe a phone app. Or just their phone’s Use WiFi for phone calls option.

sdayman, you are absolutely right. Jio give land line(voip) services as well via router. If we change dns in their router those services doesn’t work.

Moreover JIO only has single DNS (no secondary dns) as default. They are improving things daily but it will take some time to resolve these issues.

This is what I see, I am not able to connect to VoWifi as soon as I add Cloudflare, I am using

I understand this, but I am using different ISPs and it works fine on OpenDNS (Authoritative) and Google DNS (Recursive)

I figured the issue here

While using Cloudflare the DNS query is returned from Singapore causing an issue with the Vowifi for Jio

Hope we can resolve