Vodafone.in doesn't resolve on

Can’t resolve vodafone.in over and
Works on other DNS providers

I’m getting a result for this:

I’m a bit rusty at the moment, but if you can post a traceroute to, maybe that will help with finding out which resolver isn’t working.

Ah, here’s the command: dig +short CHAOS TXT id.server @
p.s. double-check with just: dig vodafone.in to see if you can get the result that showed up for me.

How to check on Android?

I’m not familiar with network troubleshooting on Android.

If you’re on WiFi, you’ll just have to find a computer with a command line. If you’re on a Cellular connection…how’d you configure its DNS server? And who’s your Cellular provider?

I’ve recently ran into this. The nameservers for vodafone.in return NXDOMAIN for names with randomized letter case:

$ kdig @ad2.vodafone.in wWW.voDAfOnE.in
;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY; status: NXDOMAIN; id: 21349
;; Flags: qr aa rd ad; QUERY: 1; ANSWER: 0; AUTHORITY: 0; ADDITIONAL: 0

;; wWW.voDAfOnE.in.    		IN	A

;; Received 33 B
;; Time 2018-07-09 23:03:50 PDT
;; From in 260.7 ms

I’ve added an override to disable DNS 0x20 query name randomization for vodafone.in to work around this.

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