VMware and CyberPanel IP

I have VMWare and in one of my machine I have CyberPanel for hosting our website.
Booth of VMWare and CyberPanel are using the IP for accessing their panel , And they are using SSL but the google chrome and Mozilla Firefox show me the warning in red on https.
Now I want to prevent my server and host from dos and ddos and every other attack on internet with couldflare.
Would you please tell me what should I have to do for that?

You first need to make sure that your site is loading on HTTPS without errors. Before that you don’t even need to think about Cloudflare.


Yes of course it will work with domain name + https fully with no error
but with IP , https show me the red error on my browsers.

If the site loads fine on HTTPS, you shouldn’t have issues adding it.

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Yes ,
The cyberpanel and VMware works with IP not with domain name !
What now?

You just wrote the opposite.

Anyhow, what’s the domain?

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Sorry for mistake.
In one of my os on VMWare , I have 10 website , in the other os I have some other website with different IP
Witch one do you want to know ?

If it is only IP related, then I am afraid that would not be Cloudflare related, as IP access never goes through Cloudflare.

If your sites load fine on the domain, then you should be good to go.

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