Visual error when unlogged

Hello, I have paused cloudfare because I have some visuals troubles with cloudfare on my site when unlogged.

Without cloudfare it work. With it, it is nearly broken.

I use no rule yet

A Idea ?

Romuald (france)

Just loaded the site via Cloudflare and it seemed to load fine

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Sure cloudfare is paused. So it worked fine when it is paused.

Please re-read my response. The screenshot is there for a reason.

It is what I say. It is broken.

Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

Define broken?
Do you have a screenshot of how it should render?

To me it looks good no?

That is a different URL from what you mentioned earlier. Also, the site seems to render fine.

Do you have any page rule for caching ?

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no, no rule caching at all

Anyone else with same experience? We see the website perfect. Clear your browser cache, try another device and link or you can go to browser dev tools and check network tab when loading the page.

@romuald.lesage, post a screenshot of your page rules.

thank you

No it is broken. The button is green and the sidebar is very big.

normaly it is like that


to have the good screenshot i have to click on the “view desktop” button at the bottom of the page

Maybe the problem is linked to this button (form in fact) ?

What is your screen resolution. Anyone with high resolution display can confirm visual status of website?

my screen resolution is full HD so 1920x1080

Do you see errors in browser dev tools network tab/console when website is loading?

So I get a couple 404s with your site when it tries to load scripts from wordpress cache

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Sorry but it is not simple for me. What must I do ?

exclude* from the cloudfare cache ?

I am going to try this first !

Thank you

done like that

Clearing the cache would be in wordpress. You could also try flushing Cloudflare cache.

However, you site looks good to me right now.

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