Visitors get Error 522

Hi there,
I have been using Cloudflare for about 3 weeks now. My website wasn’t really loading fast before (it was ok) and I’ve tried everything to improve the page loading speed in many different ways, but nothing really helped. That’s why I wanted to try Cloudflare. However, it has only become worse now. People tell me they get 522 errors visting my site (I didn’t so far) and the checkout has become really slow. I also get double payments from some customers using the onsite checkout form because of the long loading time. I am using wordpress and the shop system from Easy Digital Downloads. Can anybody help? I am not sure if I am allowed to share my link here but it’s Thanks!

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I’m not seeing a 522 @user703, I did a :search: 522 #CommunityTip :search: and found Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out. You’re not seeing 522’s, nor do I, perhaps start with quick fix 3?

Thanks for the quick reply. No, I do not right now. I got messages about 12 hours ago though. Maybe it was a temporary issue with CF? Or is my website too slow? I didn’t get a reply from the visitors yet.
Where can I find the IPs to whitelist? Do I need to add this to the htaccess file? I am with Siteground.
Thanks again

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