Visitors facing issues from different devices

Our website was on wordpress, we developed new website on laravel and made it live yesterday on new EC2 server

since then almost 90% of visitors coming via Chrome our getting broken WordPress page loaded, if we press enter on that URL, new laravel website page opens,

but visitors impacted a lot as still broken pages are loaded, now every time every visitor with not press enter on broken pages

when put in google we get 100+ urls

if we right click and open all URL opens properly

but if we directly click on URLs found in google search, many are getting stuck while loaded, many URLs broken pages is shown

after pressing enter on that URL, the proper page is laoded; what is the problem

this problem is faced by all visitors from different devices and different pcs

Did you purge the Cloudflare cache for your site after the changing to the Laravel site?

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I have cleared urls based cache and completed purging of the cache

as shown in below image, when I search below in google, and click on few results, it gets stuck and old website WordPress broken page gets loaded, however if I right-click on same search result and open in new tab, proper page of new laarvel website page gets opened

2nd search

when click on About-us in search result the below error opens

If I right click on about-us page shown in above search, and open in new tab, new laravel website proper page opens

I’m not able to reproduce that behavior in Brave. All three links for About Us (the domain name in the first line, the URL in the second line, and the page title in the third line) are the same URL, and each one opens a fully rendered page.

If you open your browser’s Dev Tools, it should show some errors either in the Network Tab, or Console. Does Dev Tools show any issues? It looks like it’s not loading some css and images.

this issue is coming only on google search

if bing or yahoo is used, its works fine

That’s exactly what I did. I followed your exact search in Google, and the site loaded.

the page which is broken is of old Wordpress website, when I do inspect element it shows Wordpress elementor, its of old website and the server is also powered off,

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