Visiting from a browser shows an outdated version of the website. Why?


I have a website with the custom domain The domain name was bought with Namecheap, and we use Cloudflare as reverse proxy. We are also using https, with a Cloudflare certificate.

The website’s code is deployed to A few years ago, in Cloudflare’s DNS records, I’ve added 2 CNAME records: the apex record from to, and www also to

Recently, we completely changed our website and deployed it as a Cloudflare Page.

The problem we are having now: When visiting, any browser displays an outdated version of the website. Why?

Tentative solutions:

  • From my computer, I’ve removed the www from DNS records and I get the up to date website on my browser on my phone. On any browser on my computer, I get This site can’t be reached.
  • I tried purging the cache, it didn’t change anything.

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