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Hola a todos.
**Hay alguien que me puede explicar porque en mi sitio sale que visitantes unicos en 24 horas me sale: 1,11K y el reporte de 7 días me sale 4,26K? Siendo que la sumatoria de 7 días deberia dar un minimo de 7k? **
Les agradeceria la explicacion.


Is there someone who can explain to me why on my site I get that unique visitors in 24 hours I get: 1.11K and the 7-day report I get 4.26K? Since the sum of 7 days should give a minimum of 7k?

Are you really complaining that your visitors are not visiting your website on a very evenly base?
I assume these statistics means:

yesterday (last 24 hours) you had a peek and in this range you had more visitors then in the average last 7 days.

There is nothing to explain TBH.

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Even if you expect an even number of visitors every day (unlikely as pointed by @M4rt1n), the sum will not be 7k, as these are “unique visitors”. Anyone who visits your site twice or more during the 7-day period will only be counted once.


Hello. The issue of traffic and unique visitors is still not clear to me. For example: I have unique visitors in 30 days: 13.05k.
If I divide 13 by 30 it gives me 433 unique visitors. But in the 7-day report it tells me: per day
1.02k. And that I cannot understand.


Volvemos a lo que te han comentado los compañeros antes, la gente no visita de forma constante una página web.

Si un día tienes 1000 visitantes únicos y al día siguiente tienes 500 visitantes únicos, es posible que entre los 2 días tengas 0 visitantes únicos porque los que han vuelto son del primer día.

Los visitantes únicos se miden entre días y mes, lo que pase de forma semanal o entre días queda fuera del alcance de las analíticas de Cloudflare.


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