Visible domain pricing

I recently wanted to try out the domain transfer, since some of my domains are going to be expiring soon-ish

  • .com domain would go from $8.99 to $7.85, great!
  • .info would go from $12.67 to $10.84, amazing!
  • .online would go from $16.99 to $25.00, supe— wait, what?

I would’ve expected all the prices to go down, but that’s not really that big of an issue. Maybe my current registrar undersells their less popular domains, maybe they have some special deal, maybe they like me enough to lower the price – no idea.

The problem is, I’m currently in the market for a new domain, one I would like to transfer to CF as well. Haven’t quite decided on the tld yet, but I have a few ideas. Thing is, I cannot compare my registrar’s and Cloudflare prices before I buy the domain.

Say, I’m thinking of either .games or .ninja, and both are around $10 on my current registrar. I have no way of knowing what the price will be after transfer. If I get .games will it be a good deal since the price on CF will be $9? Or will it be a bad deal, the price will jump to $14? If the latter, maybe taking .ninja would be better?

I know that Cloudflare doesn’t offer registration per se, only transfer. Still, I believe it would benefit from a small lil’ form saying See how much you can save when transfering!, where you input your current domains and can see what they’d cost on Cloudflare.

Just some food for thought

They can’t publish a list of prices due to contracts with registries etc. If your domain is in your Cloudflare account, you can go to the transfer screen and it will tell you the price, as your I have already seen.

If there is a specific TLD that you need a price for, you can always post back and see if someone else here has already transferred one and can be of some help :slightly_smiling_face:

Per the list published by @judge here: - it is $12 (it’s not an official list, and I have no idea how correct it is) - looks like $12 for .games and .ninja

As for other registrars pricing - you should always consider both purchase and renewal. If renewal is also cheaper, by all means go with the other registrar. If renewal is more expensive, then buy on other registrar for maximum years in lower price, and 60 days later transfer to Cloudflare… or at least that’s what I would do.

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Even an unofficial list gives me a ballpark that’s decent enough, I guess. Namesilo offers .games for $8.89, so I guess I’ll go with that and see how high the renewal price is.

Edit: seems like the renewal price is $13.99, so move to Cloudflare is a given.

Here’s how the data is sourced: