Visibility of the login button for ZeroTrust in WARP ("Sign in with:")

Is it possible to change the button to make it more distinct from the content and clearly indicate that it is a button? Most of my users overlook it, treating it as a header, and proceed to enter the address in the field below - “Get login code…”.

At the moment the most you can customize with the Login page is just the organization name at the top, logo url, header text, text below auth providers and background colors.

You could however change the auth. providers enabled for WARP Enrollment (Settings → WARP Client → Device Enrollment Permissions → Manage), and then the “Authentication Tab”. You can uncheck accept all available identity providers and then unselect One Time Pin. If you only have one auth method as well, you can enable Instant Auth skipping that screen entirely and going straight to the identity provider.

You can also change those login methods under Settings → Authentication, or the visible name of the login provider.

You could also post this under feedback if that was more your goal Feature Request Submitting & Feedback