Virtuozzo integration with WHMCS error

There is an active integration between Vituozzo and WHMCS for billing purposes. As long as we set DNS on pass-thru the integration works.
When we activate the Cloudflare DNS the process does not work. The queries reach whmcs same as before but apprently nothing gets back to virtuozzo.

How can I see what happens in Cloudflare for those requests?

Are you restoring visitor IPs? We sometimes see errors like this when IPs are not restored.

Yes in WHMCS we added X-Forwarded-For as header and all Cloudflare IPs as trusted proxy ips.
in the web server logs the ips are correct. basically wirtuozzo calls an url on whmcs, that script calls the internal whmcs api, and here is the split. the whmcs logs the answer. The webserver logs a 200 on the first request and 401 on the second one. And no answer get to virtuozzo.

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