Virtual Network Permissions

The documentation explicitly mentions, that virtual networks can be used for accessing staging and production subnets with overlapping IP ranges.

This is great and works fine, however, how do I for example limit who can access production and who can access staging?

I was hoping to be able to configure the permissions for this at the Virtual network level, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to configure permissions…

This also prevents this scenario “Allow IT professional services to access their customer’s network for various administration and management purposes.” to work as well - if I have multiple customers, and multiple support agents and I want to limit, who can access which customer, how do I set permissions to a specific virtual network - customer?

You can control access to specific virtual networks using Cloudflare’s network policies. These policies allow you to define who can access which IP ranges based on their identity and other factors. You can set up these network rules using the Secure Web Gateway. More information can be found in the Network Policies documentation.

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