Virtual Network access

Hi all

I am looking at WARP as a possible replacement, but the issue that I am facing is being unable to isolate users/groups. As an example I would like permanent staff to be able to access 3 servers via WARP split tunnel and to see the virtual networks but contractors I prefer they don’t have visibility into the extra virtual networks or certain other servers.

Can this be achieved and if so how ?

Hi there,

I would say that maybe profiles+split tunnels might be the solution here.

You can for instance create a specific profile for your contractors with a split tunnel set as Include IPs and Domains mode and add the specific IP addresses (not CIDRs) for the servers you want to allow them access to. All the remaining traffic not to the specified IP addresses will not go through gateway.

Take care.

Hey mcorreia

Thank you for getting back to me, to test my understanding of the solution that you have preposed , you suggest that I create multiple device profiles, each profile would have the required resources, Is that correct ?

Can I also assume that I would use there email as an example to assig them to the correct profile ?

If that is the case

1 Can you confirm how to create a group ?

2 How do yo assign a group to the profile ?