Violation of my privacy and remotion of my name from google search

Good morning everyone, sometimes I try to search my name on google and watch the results.
Yesterday when I google it I find some scam-malware site that uses my name and surname in and I don’t know why. 6 years ago I have been victims on phishing via Facebook and I presume this the motivation why I found my name but I’m not so confident about that. So I tried to find the IP and host of these sites but when I use the service “whoishostingthis” to find more information I discovered another problem

“This website masks their IP address using Cloudflare, a popular CDN. That means we don’t know the exact host.
If you need to find the host for DMCA, you can contact Cloudflare and they will provide you with the host’s contact information.”

I need the right host information for removing these malware-scam sites forever, thanks.

You can report malicious/scam websites at

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