Villa protects their online shop from bot attacks with Cloudflare

Villa is one of the country’s most successful emerging urban lifestyle retailers with 120 stores in 10 states. By fusing together a passion for fashion, music, sports, community empowerment, entertainment and other community-shaping topics, Villa strives to give their customers a high-energy, enjoyable shopping experience.

“Bot Traffic hurts our customer experience because they can’t buy the shoes they’re looking for,” explained Matthew Butch, Systems Engineering Manager at Villa. “We want to sell to the customers that aren’t trying to game the system. If we sell out of a shoe as soon as it’s released because bots buy all of the units, then our customers don’t come back to us the next time we have a release. As a business, we want to sell to the real customers because they’re also adding other merchandise to their carts and coming back later to buy other products. The bots only look for a specific shoe and don’t care where or how they get it.”

The bots that crawl Villa’s site also negatively affect the site’s performance. “Bots suck up the performance power of our servers,” Butch continued, “by constantly requesting pages, taking up data and request processing, all of which increases our infrastructure costs and degrades the shopping experience for our real customers. If a normal user visits our site and it’s a slow, unpleasant they won’t come back.”

“Today we use Cloudflare’s Rate-Limiting to block these bots and ensure we deliver a good experience for our users,” Butch related Read more.

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