Viewing what is "uncached"

Hey is there any way to run a report of the top say 100 links that are not getting cached? I am trying to get this optimized for a wordpress site and notice that 50% of my requests are uncached, after about a week of implementation and use.

How do i determine why that is? what URLs or assets are not cached? i mean i can view the access logs on the web server, but how do i view this from a cloud flare perspective? let me know if there is some report or something. This particular website is a free one, does that make a difference in what i can report on?

Hi there.

Here’s a feature matrix of all the plans. In the Insights section under Analytics you can see that Enterprise plan has some logs available. I can’t confirm if the data available in these logs would provide any insight into your question however.

Edit: Additionally, this page lists all the file extensions that Cloudflare caches, if you haven’t seen it. Benefit varies from site to site. I have several sites going through Cloudflare. One is almost entirely cached requests, one is pretty evenly split and a third is hardly cached at all - they each have unique underlying architectures.

Hello @cacherules,

@anon13938084 is right, to see what are the top 100 HTTP request that are not cached, you’ll need to get the access to your logs (which are included in the ENT plan) since the analytics available through the UI don’t go that further.

Indeed, Cloudflare is only caching a limited list of extension by default but you can go further in creating a page rule saying to cache everything for the portion of your website that host your static content:

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yeah i did the page rules, keeping in my logged in wordpress exceptions
thanks for the insight though. i will have to pursue other options as we cant really afford that kind of enterprise plan. Tail -f on the access log gives me a good idea of what is going on on the server, was just hoping there was another view i could use in analyze that data. no worries though.

Out of the subject here, but I do see that you’re using Wordpress as your backend CMS. I suggest you look at the plugin that we develop for a direct integration: Cloudflare – WordPress plugin | English (UK)

We use Cloudflare plugin already yes, and w3 total cache as well with a Cloudflare extension (which i dont think works…)

I assume your plugin will sync up say, article changes, so that the cache isnt stale. Well thats what we assume your plugin is doing…

Here’s an article that goes into some detail about the plugin, if you haven’t seen it.

it’d be nice if the plugin was site network aware, as out wordpress site has many tens of subsites, and they all need to be configured individually. they are sub “folders” under the parent domain so i dont see why it has to have seperate settings. but yes that article was informative, thanks.